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Digital marketing ideas

In this piece I share my own experience using the web to improve my digital presence and attempt to enhance my digital marketing effectiveness.

The low hanging fruit of marketing tools

These days Google and Facebook are the 2 names that everyone knows when it comes to digital marketing tools, but of course there are several other tools that less people know about and they are certainly useful, some of them are generally only or mostly known to people in the digital marketing scene.

These tools can cost much more money and require a much steeper learning curve than say Google or Facebook DM tools and that is one of the reasons why they are more suited to the larger business segment. So a small business or freelancer might be just fine going about promoting her business exclusively using Google & Facebook DM tools - I've been there.

We do this, I think, not mainly because it makes sense but because I is easy(er), cheap(er) and takes less effort. Also this tech giants make this tools apear as easy to use as any other personal web service such as their own free apps, say gmail, Facebook accounts, Google search, etc. And so most of us think we can handle on our own.

Why would we want to bother with the web?

Why would we do such a thing? Why would we want to complicate our lives with yet another digital tool/thing to worry about?